Totally Transforming Tuesday

Good morning, my hope is that this post finds everyone well. My fear, and expectation, is that it will not. There are some during this time that are having a very rough go at it. I see it in posts that are published, in protests popping up all over the country, news stories about politicians fearful of losing power and in my own household where we are trying to make sense of it all. In all this I see a challenge and an opportunity before us. The challenge: Look back in history, personal and public. Evaluate the decisions that brought you, me, us to this place. Don’t hold back. Evaluate your relationships, education, finances, spiritual, political, etc… I caught a Seth Godin interview (one of a million apparently on Youtube) and he made a comment that reinforced some of the personal thinking I have allowed to be nurtured during this time of disruption. He said, and this is not a direct quote, he’s looking back at his bad decisions and current assumptions attempting to determine how he got it wrong, in reference to his bad decisions, and how that thinking he was so right when he was so wrong affects what he thinks he knows to be right today. To me this is fascinating. We KNOW so much! Right? Like:

We know the earth orbits around the sun. Wrong…honestly…the earth and the other planets orbit around the center of universal mass…the barycenter…which is somewhere around the Sun’s location but it’s not the Sun. Here is what NASA has to say:

What Is a Barycenter?

We say that planets orbit stars, but that’s not the whole truth. Planets and stars actually orbit around their common center of mass. This common center of mass is called the barycenter. Barycenters also help astronomers search for planets beyond our solar system!

Whoa! right? Now I know “Flat Earthers” won’t accept this but that’s a post for another day. So what other things do we KNOW?

undefined How about coffee comes from a bean? Nope! It is actually the seed of a fruit.

Have you ever heard that Einstein flunked math in school? Not true. He actually got good grades in school.

How about Napoleon being short? We all probably know some people who suffer, or make us suffer, from a “Napoleon complex”. Well it turns out he was a very respectable 5’7. (With his platform shoes on of course) Typical height for the French at that time.

Shaving makes hair grow back thicker? Nope!

Human’s have 5 senses? Sorry..

It takes 7 years for gum to digest and Twinkies last forever? No and No. undefined

So, the point this exercise is to help us see how we can get information, process it and think we KNOW, when in actuality we just Think we know because we have heard it, and repeated it, so often. Thank you for these bubble busting bits and bytes.

So, the challenge. Check yourself out. undefined A great way to do this is to, as Seth Godin pointed out, look back at past decisions that went wrong. What assumptions did we have that caused us to make these poor decisions? One thing for me is taking someones word at face value because I want to trust them and want what they are saying to be true. Don’t, like me, get caught in the feedback loop that makes assumptions, correct or incorrect, seem true. Dig in, get the info, find out if what is being pushed on you by the media, a political party, a community activist, a religion or even your own family, is true. Is it in your best interest? Or in true LP style is it best for your country. Because a weak country, whatever your country is, makes a weaker world. Trust me!

So what’s the opportunity you may ask, if your still paying attention. Well, times like this are rare. I see the Covid-19 pandemic as having, potentially, the same impact on our country, and the world, as the American revolution or the Civil war did. “We the people” wield the swords of economic power, social power and even political power like never before. How will you capitalize on this opportunity? Will you dig in, educate yourself based on fact and not feeling? Sacrifice to see a stronger country for your children and grandchildren. Invest yourself personally, not just as a token to make your self feel better but to really make a difference in a life? To take the life you have been given and repurpose it to allow the boundless love and potential of your complete being, body, mind and spirit, to be released on a desperate, diseased dis-unified humanity? Think of the opportunity! So in the midst of all this tragedy: is a Totally Transforming Tuesday possible? It’s Totally up to you. And that’s the truth. Be Well in all ways!

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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