Finding Motivation and Inspiration On the Webship Infoprize

WEBSPACE, the social frontier. These are the adventures of the webship Infoprize. It’s 5 yearish mission: to explore strange new websites, to seek out new pages and new socializations, to boldly go where nobody else has the time to go. Que eerie space music now. Webship log 2020.4.22. Due to our dwindling supply of Motivatium and Inspiratium, the Infoprize has initiated a scan for the precious rescource. Our deep space scan briefly locked on to a signal which may lead to a rich source of the illusive and invaluable commodity. Lt. Clickoff has engaged our search engines and set them to warp speed in an effort to overtake the signals source and ascertain it’s purpose in the webiverse. Lt. I’Hearya has attempted site initiation but the content is unclear and confusing. Our Chief Science Officer, Mr. Rock,undefined states that his initial impression of the of the signaling entity appears to be hostile since it is proving to be contrary to our assumptions regarding Motivatium and Inspiratium. After tracking the illusive signal for days at warp speed our Chief Engineer,

Mr. Botundefined warns that the search engines can’t take much more of this. “Oh dear,” he worriedly states, “the strain on the engines to over take the signals source is too much.” I emphatically express, “Mr. Bot it is vital our engines maintain warp speed as we are close to overtaking the signals source.” Mr. Bot replies, “I’m giving it all she’s got captain. Oh dear, oh dear.” The Infoprize narrows the gap to the signals source. It appears to be a small ship that is just entering orbit around a previously unknown planet in a galaxy far far away.(wait I’ve been mixing my references haven’t I? So sorry), galaxy not previously documented in our search results. Lt. I’Hearya again attempts communication. This time the captain responds, apparently utilizing a defective language translator because the words utilized, while understandable, are not fully comprehended. “Greetings from the Flagship Patriot”, the ship hails, “I am Captain Citizen. We have watched you on our scanners attempting to overtake us for many days. Are you in need of assistance? We are happy to help.” “This is Captain James T. Quirk of the webship Infoprize,” I responded, “we represent the United Federation of Webspace. We are seeking out contact with previously unknown socializations and happened upon your ship when scanning for a fresh supply of our dwindling Motivatium and Inspiratium. We are curious as to your origins and mission in the webbiverse and would very much appreciate your selling to us some of your obviously abundant stores.” With a chuckle the captain of the Patriot responds, “Captain Quirk, while we are delighted to have the opportunity to share with you our origins and mission, the Motivatium and Inspiratium you seek; you already possess. Therefore, to sell you some of ours would be unethical.” This is where we began to suspect that the language translator was malfunctioning. How could it be unethical to sell something to someone when they so obviously and desperately need it? And how can the captain of the Patriot claim that we already have Motivatium and Inspiratium when it is obvious by our gauges that we are dangerously low?

“Captain Citizen,” I begin with a hint of building desperation in my voice,”it appears that there is a language barrier between us. Our ships gauges clearly show our Motivatium and Inspiratium is running precariously low. Optimal operations require a steady supply and we are in serious jeopardy. You stated that you are here to help. Please do so.” With empathy and concern in his voice the captain of the Patriot responds, “Captain Quirk, you and your federation have been operating in a false paradigm for some time now. You have been convinced, by some with misguided or evil intent, that Motivatium and Inspiratium is a limited external resource. That it can be purchased or provided through the goals of acquiring external wealth and posessions. What I am about to share with you is an age old wisdom that your federation desperately needs to embrace right now. You see the reality is: Motivatium and Inspiratium are internally generated, bountiful resources produced as a byproduct of meaningful goals. Specifically when these goals are motivated by love, charity, generosity and kindness. It is imperative that you begin to realize the importance of your placement here in this time and plane of existence. As you begin to sense the significance your placement has on the placement of others, and theirs on yours, there is a naturally, some would say supernaturally, generated Motivatium and Inspiratium produced. Your federations current circumstances demand, the times you live in demand, the people around you need and you need them, to grasp this world saving reality. We have been watching your federation for a long time and know that the current peril to your federations existence has prompted this exploration. Take this message to your people. If you will only tap the depths of your will, engage the power of your spirit and develop the resulting goals of loving your neighbor as yourself, there will well up in you an unlimited source of Motivatium and Inspiratium and , just as importantly, you will help others beyond your federation tap into their own endless supplies as well.” Captain Citizen ended his transmission. Can this be? Is there any possibility that Captain Citizen is right, or is it just a faulty translator? Apparently this underlying philosophy has carried the people of the Patriot through. Their stores are high and we haven’t seen any depletion since monitoring began. So why couldn’t it be true. Why wouldn’t it be true? We have to get this message back to the federation. Love, caring, kindness and generosity demand it. It just may be the key to overcoming our current peril and building fortification against future catastrophe. As these goals began to foment in the captain and crew.

Mr. Rockundefined noted that the Motivatium and Inspiratium guages began to climb. Captain Quirk signing off.

Be Well In All Things!

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Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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