Motivation And Inspiration On Being Unique

Is your “Them” and “They” in danger of becoming a “you” and “I”? I certainly hope so. If not let me give you a little Motivation to do so and some inspiration that will hopefully allow your unique-ness to shine through. The truth is, we may be at a point in history where the opportunity for the things that make you unique are vital to bring stability, growth, success and individuality to our country and the world. The need for you has never been greater.

Covid-19 pandemic 2020

“The world is in a crisis,” we are told. “This pandemic could bring the human race to brink of extinction,” is on the lips of our government leaders and news media. “We have to shelter in place, self quarantine and social distance if we want to survive,” is what the health professional are telling us in almost every report. Are they wrong? Well yes and no, but that’s another post not the point here. You see the point I’m getting at here is that our leaders, media, health officials, advertisers, influencers, etc……… operate under a model of “Herd Mentality”, “Group Think”, or “Pack and Gang Mentality”. How does that make you feel? Is that how you see yourself? Is this how you act? You might want to do a little self examination because our leaders see people in this world as “They’s” and “Them’s” not as “You’s” and “I’s” for a reason. (Somewhere there are English teachers aching to send me over to the Dunce corner. Oh well it wouldn’t be the first time.)

Herd Mentality The Norm


To get a sense of the prevailing thought regarding you being just part of the “Herd” you only have to do a quick search, you can use the “Herd” favorite if you like, and what you will find is page after page of how to capitalize on your “Group Think” or “Gang and Pack Mentality”. You’ll find pages like, ” 4 Examples of Herd Mentality (And How to Take Advantage Of It)”, or ” How Herd Mentality Can Pack Your Next Event.” Are you sensing the desire to moo or bleat yet? Millions of dollars in studies, training, advertising and social engineering is poured into learning about, utilizing and manipulating the “Herd” through this concept. It doesn’t garner this type of attention and funding for no reason.

My Role In The Herd

Have you ever taken a look at your role in the Herd? Here are just a few examples that may hit home:

  • Black Friday- This one is pretty obvious. Every year this addition to the Fall and Winter holiday season rears it’s ugly head and exposes some of the worst that the Herd has to offer.
  • Investing- You can actually observe this herd flow in unison like a flock of Starlings come upon a hatch of insects (I know, mixed metaphors here. Que the English teachers again) during our current pandemic situation. You get a hint of gov’t bailouts and up goes the stock market. You get a politician stopping the bailouts and down goes the stock market. You ever think about who might be taking advantage of the herd mentality here? Maybe a few wolves in sheep’s clothing among our “leaders”?
  • Social Groups- I’m sure this one is going to hit very close to home for a lot of us. From the time we are born we are either included or culled from one social group or another. We go from family and church, hopefully never culled from these, well for the most part anyway. School, probably the most brutal of all, where you probably bounced from one group to another, willingly or not. How about work? Here you become one of the “good ol’ boys” or your culled to being just anther worker bee. Then you have social media and social organizations, political groups, etc…. I’m sure somewhere you and I fit in here.
  • Religion- Touchy, touchy. Now to be honest most religions look at themselves as a herd, flock or congregation. Whether this is healthy or not really, believe it or not, is based on the individuality of the “flocks” members and the willingness of the leaders to allow that individuality. (See Below)
  • Politics- We are in a political season right now. Many in both parties are whipping their herds into a frenzy. Are you feeling the whip. Can you believe Trump said this? Whip! Can you believe Nancy Pelosi is doing that? Whip! The news media airs a story (fake news or not) and we get all stirred up emotionally. Anger! Frustration! Indignation! Whip! Whip! Whip!

So just a few areas in our lives where we can see how pervasive the concept of “Group Think” really is. Did you find your role in the Herd? There may have been more than one herd you fit into.

Is Herd Mentality Good or Bad?

In and of itself “Herd Mentality” is neither good or bad. The issues stem from how willing are we to give up our individuality in order to be part of a herd, or even more sinister is, how much of your individuality does the herd require of you to give up to be a part? We see abuses of individuality and independent thought in many of our “Herds”. Take for example the Navy Captain of the USS Roosevelt. He expressed some individuality in how he addressed a significant problem on his ship because the S.O.P. was failing, and got fired. Individuality is frowned upon in the military. Now granted the surrendering of your individuality in the military serves an important purpose but so does the embracing of it in some circumstances. This, fortunately, has been recognized in that there is movement toward this captain being reinstated. The military isn’t the only place where individualism can be frowned upon. Look at our political parties. In one example, of many on both sides of the isle, we see a Michigan State Representative who is shunned and censured by her party because she thanked the President for his part in making known the drug Hydroxychloroquin which she, and her doctor, believes saved her life. What about the many religious flocks that surrender their individuality, take on cult status and then turn deadly. And on and on it goes. Across all walks of life there are many examples of those who are expected to surrender their individuality. Just to fit somewhere. They give up their dreams, goals, passions and individuality with often times tragic results. You see we have been taught by our leaders that fitting in, going along, being a part is the way to security, prosperity and happiness. So we do. The promises however are hollow, empty and in some cases devastating. Most of us have done what we were told, towed the line and filled our role in the herd only to have the promises ripped away from us. We gave up our individuality for the “greater good” with the expectation that the greater good would benefit us as well. But here we are. A pandemic, economic collapse, social disorder, political disorder world upheaval and unrest. So if the old leaders failed us, what should we do now? Well if you listen to the same old voices that allowed us to be swept away in the Covid-19 tsunami while they squandered precious time, resources and attention on pettiness, bickering and power grabs, which by the way they continue to do this very minute, then the answer is easy. Stay in your herd and let us lead you to greener pastures. “Mooo”! Are you ready to get back to your life (herd) as usual? Give up all that makes you unique, special, vital to the real solution? Or how about we don’t!


No longer let yourself be lead as a part of a herd. Be in the herd but don’t be the herd. Think, learn, decide and act individually. Don’t surrender that to anyone or any group. Political party, news media, social groups or religious leaders: if they demand you surrender you individuality at the door, slam the door on ’em, lock it and enjoy your freedom. They need you to be the herd because that’s how they maintain power and control over you, over society and over the world. They know you feel safe there, protected and powerful. But if you think about it the herd is where the predators go to eat. It’s where the ranchers and shepherds keep the livestock until it’s time for the slaughter. How safe does a herd feel now? So don’t run here or there because a microphone, bull horn, 280 word text or emotional plea directs you. It’s probably just the predators calling. If a talking head says this is what somebody meant when they said whatever, don’t just believe it. Don’t just accept it because of prior preconceived conditioning. Worst of all, don’t buy in to it just because everyone else is. That’s what the Ranchers and Shepherds are counting on. Don’t give up your individuality. Think independently, learn independently and act decisively. The bottom line is that either way, you are responsible. So are you ready to go from a “Them” to a “me”? The future of the world awaits your decision.

Be Well In All Ways!

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Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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