Worlds Within Worlds

Changing The World

Lele jolted upright from a fitful sleep. He knew something was seriously amiss in the world. He could sense the fear, the dread and the hopelessness all around him. He slipped from the swinging hammock as gracefully as a stocking serpent and went to the window to see, to listen to feel the wakening world. What was it? This impending angst that cloaked the normally ebullient feeling of a boundless and potential filled morning. There was nothing different that he could see. No unusual sounds floating in on the morning air. But there was something out there. Puleleiite was the ruler of the world. It was said that he could fly into the times ahead and see the things coming to the now. This is how he lovingly became known as Lele. While there was some truth to this, Lele could really only sense the rhythmic flow of life in the world and determine before most where that flow was going. Lele slipped on his cloak and ducked as he left the shelter of his fale since the blinds had been lowered most of the way to keep out any rain that might have come through the night. As he walked through the world Lele new every person living in the fales all around him. He knew their struggles and he knew their triumphs. He was actually and integral part of both of those aspects of these peoples lives and they, his. Each and every day Lele changed the world. He made better the lives of everyone in the world just through the creativity of survival. This was true not only for Lele but for all the Aiga in the world. The world depended on everyone’s creativity to remain the best it could be. But something was different today. Something over the horizon, just out of sight but approaching relentlessly. The rhythm of the world that Lele normally flowed in seemed to have a disharmony to it today. Something that made him uneasy.

His Aiga began to rise and move embracing another world changing day. The fagotas were prepared for a morning out on the vasa to gather fish. Small groups gathered together for their daily excursions into the vaomatua where berries, coconut, bananas and roots would be collected to add to the days stores. Lele smelled the fresh panikeke being made over the community fire and his mouth began to water while his stomach began to grumble. At least this was as it should be, he still had his appetite. As he wandered over to the fire the low piercing howl of a conch shell being blown floated in the air and everyone looked around with questioning faces. The conch was usually blown to signal that the dangerous fa’ailoga were in the close waters, to warn those who might be diving or spearing. There was no one in the water this early. Lele moved toward the edge of his world curious as to what would elicit such curious behavior. As he stood on a promontory overlooking the vast expanse of the blue green vasa he searched full of questions and fear. There! Far out along the distant edge of the vasa. Giant white leaves? On tall trees? Out there where nothing has ever been before. The tiny shining lights come from that way with the coming of the nights fall but never has there been any thing, much less a tree out there. And here is that feeling once again. That impending force that would change the world today, but maybe not in a good way.

The World Get’s Larger

Lele watched as the trees grew. The white leaves got larger and there appeared what seemed to be a fagota at the base of the trees. Lele then realized that these trees were on the water, floating on the water. This was indeed a fagota that had some type of contraptions attached to it. Unsettled, Lele realized that the fagota was coming towards them. In the history of the world there has never been such a thing. Where was this fagota coming from? Who was on this fagota? What does this mean for the world?

As Puleleiite had felt early that morning things began to change that day. Contact was made with other people and the world got larger for Lele and his aiga. Most of the people on the ship that arrived shortly after Lele’s noticing it, were seemingly pleasant people. They spoke a language not recognizable to Lele and the aiga. They introduced them to food they had never tasted or even seen before. Some of it quite delicious. Drink that was very strong and bitter that left Lele feeling confused. He did not like this drink and he was becoming wary of some of the tagate ese, the foreigners. A few of the tagate ese did not seem maloloina. They made strange noises as they breathed and their skin was hot but they shivered as if cold. What really made Lele uneasy was that there were only men. Many men.

This really grew this morning. You will have to come back tomorrow to see how Lele and his aiga deal with a bigger world.

Be Well In All Ways!

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Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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