The New? Normal

I keep hearing from our elected officials, and some who weren’t elected, that we need to be prepared for the “new normal”.

I’ve got to be honest with you, this makes me so uneasy. I’m mean seriously; I wasn’t too thrilled with the old normal. Don’t even get me started on the old, old, normal. Now, let’s go back a couple of hundred years, here we find the normal that I can relate to. The normal the country was founded on and guaranteed by the constitution.

Whose New Normal

The mouth, or mouthpiece, that the phrase “new normal” comes from, matters.

When you start hearing words like this from those that brought us: no supersized sodas, or no plastic grocery bags, and what about no plastic straws or eating utensils? These examples don’t even take into account the constitutionally guaranteed rights some of these “new normal” proclaimers have attacked.

Now before you get on to me about hating the environment; please understand I do not have an issue with saving turtles or ozone, even the occasional baby seal gets an aaawwwe! from me now and then. The issue is with the no. No this and no that. Never a “we the people” solution for bringing about change, just a dictatorial restriction and consequence. Whatever cause, whatever band wagon, whatever campaign slogan happens to be the focus of the day, or lobby money directs, the no solution seems to be the default. So when you hear “new normal” take into account some of the old normal that these dictatorial power grabbers have attacked in the past. Some of these “new normal” mouth pieces have a scary vision of normal and often times it does not line up with the original constitutional normal.

The New Normal We All Need

There are some out there that proclaim a “new normal” necessary to see our country prosper which, by the way, helps the world prosper as well. They support a smaller and less intrusive federal government. They support the idea that local government is better able to represent “we the people” and the empowerment of these local leaders. Ideas like balanced budgets, non-career politicians, limits on non-elected leaders and simplified taxation regulation are just some of the novel ideas being bandied about. Sadly, this “new normal” is so far from the current normal that we often times don’t even recognize these ideas as those originated by our country’s constitution.

These are not new ideas. Tragically, we have strayed so far from, and often times aren’t even taught, the basic tenants of our country’s founding document that some of these ideas are so novel we can’t even see a path leading to their implementation. The “new normal” we need is the oldest normal in our country’s history. It may also be the hardest one to get back to.

Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

We are in desperate times and there are many who believe, and forcefully impose, more government as the answer. Hopefully there are enough of us out here that realize our current Covid/economic/freedom crisis is, in large part, the result of a huge government filled with greedy power gluttons. Honestly, if our leaders were focusing on our well being instead of party bickering and lobbyist special interests they might have seen this coming long before the pandemic became a world disrupting event. Infrastructure may have been in place just in case the pandemic had escaped a vigilant service focused leadership. Balanced budgets would have been healthy enough to absorb the issues that may have come up, because, a government focused on the right things would have prepared for the safety and security of its citizens. So if you hear some salesman trying to sell you a shiny “new normal” that has government at its center, beware.

The Path to The Right Normal

So in these times of stress and fear don’t look to the chicken littles that want to lead us further into the fox’s den. Listen for the voices that trust “we the people”. Voices that lead us toward liberty not toward an enslaved, govcentric false utopia that has proven, over and over again, to be the downfall of many countries. We need to give ear, and support, to those who point back to the ideas proven to bring success, prosperity and security to “we the people”. It’s not a time for new, it’s time for the tried and true. It’s time to re-embrace the principles that built us into the greatest country in the World and in history.

The time is now, our time is now.

Be Well In All Ways!

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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