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John and Jane Q. Public

We are John and Jane Q. Public Better known as Kevin and Frances

WE are Parents, church folk, community members and concerned citizens of the world. Spurred into action by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We love people of all countries and have come to realize that the best way for us to support other countries, people, the human race, is to ensure our country is strong. There are very few sources where we can access information that is without hidden agenda or in our best interest. We want to offer a source of info that has a clearly stated agenda and is totally in the best interest of our country. Our agenda? To shine light, to draw attention to present information, not on what is wrong in the world, or what we think is wrong, but on what is positive, what strengthens our country and there by strengthens us as citizens of the world. We hope you find value on this site and that you will join with us in our efforts. Communicate with us through the many connection points on this page and help us help others help the world. add another page.

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