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Monday’s Most Motivational Moment!

Pondering Pandemic Politics

In an attempt to gain some understanding of our current political situation it’s good to look back at where we have come from. So a few of my following posts will be looking back at some foundational principles while assessing their place in our current climate. We The People The first principle I’ll take aContinue reading “Pondering Pandemic Politics”

The New? Normal

I keep hearing from our elected officials, and some who weren’t elected, that we need to be prepared for the “new normal”. I’ve got to be honest with you, this makes me so uneasy. I’m mean seriously; I wasn’t too thrilled with the old normal. Don’t even get me started on the old, old, normal.Continue reading “The New? Normal”

Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 3

Originally posted on The Right Voice 4 You:
Allowing the world to change you into someone your not. Lele left the normally refreshing and life giving pool this night unable to be cleansed of the unfamiliar thoughts embedded in his mind. Lele knew he had to make these disruptive tagate ese leave. He was learning that…

Worlds Within Worlds

Changing The World Lele jolted upright from a fitful sleep. He knew something was seriously amiss in the world. He could sense the fear, the dread and the hopelessness all around him. He slipped from the swinging hammock as gracefully as a stocking serpent and went to the window to see, to listen to feelContinue reading “Worlds Within Worlds”

Rainy Day = Reading Day

Originally posted on The Right Voice 4 You:
April showers bringing May flowers here where I’m at. I love a rainy day. I get to grab a giant mug of something hot, park myself in a comfortable chair, and get caught up on all the good reads I’ve been writing in my notebook. Today I’m going…


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