The New? Normal

I keep hearing from our elected officials, and some who weren’t elected, that we need to be prepared for the “new normal”. I’ve got to be honest with you, this makes me so uneasy. I’m mean seriously; I wasn’t too thrilled with the old normal. Don’t even get me started on the old, old, normal.Continue reading “The New? Normal”

Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 4

Being true to yourself and your world. Lele watched as the aiga went about preparing for the day. But this day was different than any other. He watched as some, gathering the tools normally used for producing good in their world, pondered how to use these tools in ways foreign to them. He watched asContinue reading “Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 4”

Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 2 — The Right Voice 4 You

The World Changes You The night was pierced with a woman’s scream. Lele jumped from his moega and ran into the night. A strong smell of smoke was filling the air and a bright glow was coming from the far side of the nu’u. He ran towards the glow which was growing rapidly. Afi, afi […]Continue reading “Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 2 — The Right Voice 4 You”

Worlds Within Worlds

Changing The World Lele jolted upright from a fitful sleep. He knew something was seriously amiss in the world. He could sense the fear, the dread and the hopelessness all around him. He slipped from the swinging hammock as gracefully as a stocking serpent and went to the window to see, to listen to feelContinue reading “Worlds Within Worlds”

Tragic Motivation And The Inspiration Of What Really Matters

Originally posted on The Right Voice 4 You:
Photo by Benjamin Suter on The Motivation Of Forced Clarity Hopefully many of you took this tragedy, isolation, social restriction, as an opportunity to really take an inward look at what in this life you truly find valuable. So many of us have been led for so…

Is There Hope In A Pandemic?

I think it’s important to look back on history. Is this pandemic the worst thing to ever happen in this country? Of course the answer is no. I think it’s important to look back on history and ask if we recovered from situations worse than this pandemic. Of course the answer is yes. It isContinue reading “Is There Hope In A Pandemic?”

Motivation And Inspiration On Being Unique

Is your “Them” and “They” in danger of becoming a “you” and “I”? I certainly hope so. If not let me give you a little Motivation to do so and some inspiration that will hopefully allow your unique-ness to shine through. The truth is, we may be at a point in history where the opportunityContinue reading “Motivation And Inspiration On Being Unique”